In Our Own Image

969940_510713322310573_1445846187_n-1Things Jesus Never Said is one of the funniest Christian memes. If you’re a far-left leaning Christian you may not think so, but even then you have to admit that they’re clever. This is one of my favorites.

From the beginning of Christianity people have had trouble accepting the message of Jesus. Gnostics, who believed that the material world is evil, couldn’t accept that God would become a man. So they changed that part of the message of Jesus, claiming instead he was actually something like a vampire. Jehovah’s Witnesses couldn’t accept teachings about the Trinity. Seventh Day Adventists use bogus history to discount Sunday being the day that Christian’s worshiped. And so on and so on.

The most recent form of this is modifying anything that goes against cultural norms or popular political leanings. For these people faith becomes simply one of many branches of their individual personality. I follow this or that political agenda, I’m a member of the YMCA, I like spaghetti…and I’m a Christian. Each aspect is simply what makes them who they are. It’s not the belief that’s important or has any sway over them, it’s how they fit the belief into what makes them who they are.

Worse than phony, this type of “Christianity” is destructive. If God is real, if Christianity is the truth, then faith and adherence to God’s revelations should be what guides everything that makes a person who they are. It should be what everything in a person’s life falls into place around. If something in Christianity doesn’t fit into a worldview then it’s the worldview that should be reconsidered, not Christianity that should be revised to fit into it.

Erik Ritland is a journalist and musician from St. Paul, Minnesota. His blog and podcast Rambling On features commentary on music, sports, culture, and more. He is also a contributor for Minnesota culture blog Curious North. Support Erik’s music via his Patreon account, reach him via email, or find him on Facebook and Twitter.


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